Digital artist based in Silloth, Cumbria, UK. Inspired by the landscapes of the Lake District and the seascape of the Solway Coast.

My NHS background also sometimes finds its way into my artwork.

Featured on: DesignByHumans, Society6, Redbubble and Artists & Illustrators Magazine.

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my creative process...

I'll be honest, I taught myself to create images in this way because I'm rubbish at photography! While I can spot a scene that would make a good picture, my photos generally don't do it justice. So, I start with a photo...

I use several pieces of software, mainly Inkscape and Photopea, to peel away the layers of the picture until I'm left with just the outlines I want. Then I can play around with the composition and perspective until I have the skeleton of the image I had in mind when I first took the photo.

Once I'm happy with the composition I can start to build up colours, textures, shadows, highlights and reflections...et voila!


The whole process can take between about 4 hours to several days, depending on the complexity. This picture of the Silloth RNLI Volunteers took about 6 hours.


The creative process involved in digital art isn't dissimilar from that of traditional art media such as oils or watercolours, it just involves different tools.